Daz René - Discover

Dumb rare and somewhat slept on LP from Californian soul vocalist Daz René. As usual, you saw it here first.

Check the going rate here , get your lazy ass boutique/e-dig on here and pick up one of her 45's here

Listen to -I'll Never Love any More

The Heartstoppers - The Heartstoppers

All Platinum is one of my favorite labels. So many dope acts.. The Optimistics, The Whatnauts ,Linda Jones etc. This self titled joint by The Heartstoppers is one of the rarer.

Check the going rate here , get your lazy ass e-dig on here and check some more of the All platinum catalog on my facebook here

Listen to - The Ice Is Melting

Oby Onyioha - I Want To Feel Your Love

This African disco/soul holy grail goes for mega bucks.... you're welcome.

Check the going rate here ,Check Oby's discography here and if you dont fancy a trip to Lagos, get your boutique / "E"- dig on here.

Listen to - Enjoy Your Life

Fresh off the plane, konichiwa bitches....

Hitting Tokyo again for a few weeks. Plenty of digging and Asahi. Shoot me an Email or hit me on Twitter if you know where those secret squirrel digging spots are at.

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EDIT: Please dontate what ever you can spare to help the people effected by the earthquake and tsunami here.

Liferaft - Liferaft

D-D-Dumb fresh, private press horn rock straight out of California ( .... i think). Composed by Bruce Lofgren. This Joint is RARE!

Check the going rate here, get you e-dig on here and grab some info on Bruce here

Listen to - Morning Tree

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