Infinite Love Experience - Love Will Never Die!

Well this LP ticks all the boxes for a classic post . Private press .. check! , Crazy auction sale .. check! , un-googleable ... check! (ok,well almost) St Thomas group Infinite Love Experience hit us with a slightly raw mix of soul, reggae and latin stylings. It features some excellent guitar work from Glen Mason and instrumentation slick enough to grace any major label release at the time.

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Prophet - Right On Time

Sorry about the delay but I've been seriously busy in the lab, I'm pretty sure this Private press modern soul joint will have been worth the wait though. It's yet another gem from Sanfrancisco's Bay Area (home to so many dope LP's) Judging by the artwork the label Treasure Records only existed in this guys bedroom, but thats more than made up for by this LP's synth driven funkiness ...... well at least peanut butter wolf thinks so.

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Ruby Andrews - Black Ruby

My plan to post The Metros "Sweetest One" LP was scupperd by its recent CD reissue So after a quick rethink i present you hands down the best female soul album i own, In-fact it probably the best female soul album i've ever heard. Tracks like "Didnt I Fool You" and "just lovin' you" Rock the dance floor While "You Made A Believer Out Of Me" make perfect sampler food (just ask Q-Tip)

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Willie and the Bumblebees - Honey from the Bee

I'm back like cooked crack with some private press rock funk in tow. Hailing from Minnesota ,Willie and the Bumblebees recorded in a real mixed bag of styles on this their first LP. To Quote the sleeve" The Bumblebee's roots are on the midnight-flash side of the street, and their music is their celebration of their survival. If you had to list influences, you could list gospel , jazz, reggae, ballads and blues.... but, like all good chefs, they know just how to mix their spices"

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Blo - Phase IV

Manhattan's lower east side, the Mecca for hipsters, fixed gear bikes and african funk holy grails.

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Dannie Belles - Making the Most of Today

The Bay Area's Dannie Belles blesses us with her heartfelt odes to the big guy upstairs.I picked it up after playing "No One But The Lord" which was obviously instant sampler food....OH SNAP! .... i dont think i ever even got around to sampling it!!

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Minority Band - Journey To The Shore

Heres some dope private press jazz funk from Monmouth County New Jersy's own Minority Band. Pressed in a small batch of only 500 copies in 1980 , the back reads "JSR Records is a new company that helps working club bands that can sell their own records. JSR artists spend no money for recording or production costs, and there are no recording contracts. JSR Records is always looking for talented groups. (201) 810-2843" WORD!

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Adventure of Kohsuke Kindaichi

One of many dope finds from my march trip to Shibuya Japan. I Picked this up from the guy at Face Records, i highly recommend that place as they have a huge selection and dude was really helpful. The Lp is the soundtrack to Kohsuke Kindaich tv series about a detective in japan , penned by the late great Seishi Yokomizo. The soundtrack features slick mixture of synths and strings with some sleazy funk guitar thrown in for good measure .dont sleep on this one...IT DOES NOT TURN UP!!

Big thanks to Dr Malta and to Mista Donut for translating.

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The Artistics - The Articulate Artistics

Brunswick's very own Artistics with the follow up to their 1967 LP "I'm Gonna Miss You" . If you liked The Ambassadors then this will be right up your street.

Check the going rate on their music here , pick up a copy on the Bay here and learn how to become articulate here

Listen To - You Left Me

The Class Set - My Style

This dope slice of funky soul Isn't my rip, and i've never even seen it in the wild.but with a bunch of fellow diggers jonesing for it. i thought i should end the suffering.

Check what the latest auction ended at here, see what you could have picked it up before the buzz started here and pick up the 45 of "My Style/Julie" here.

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Fresh off the plane , konichiwa bitches !

Only stepped off the plane 24 hours ago and I'm already knee deep in gems ! Hitting Shibuya for 7 days of pure digging and DJing shenanigans. Any japanese readers who wanna buy me a saki or two ....hit me up!

Lonnie Hewitt - Keepin' It Together

When not hanging out playing keyboards for jazz legend Cal Tjader Lonnie Hewitt somehow found time to put together this soulful gem.It features bassist Paul Jackson of Headhunters fame, which is pretty unusual for a soul record.

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Messengers Incorporated - Soulful Proclamation

Heres another gem from the seemingly bottomless crates of the mighty Paros. This time from an oklahoma based outfit dishing out funky covers of "Eleanor Rigby" and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

check the going rate of an OG copy here, pick up an OG here and buy the rare but more reasonably priced Jap reissue here.

Listen To - If I'da Club

King James Version - First Time We Met

I haven't actually got a copy of this bad boy and chances are I never will. frankly I can think of much better things to spend $600 on. But King James Version's 1974 slice of gospel soul is a real treat.its got it all.. dope strings, a splash of wah wah and some beautiful harmonies Believe me ,if you ever find this in a dollar bin you might start singing the gospel too!

Check the going rate here, see if you can buy a copy here and check out what happened when the Buddha Brand threw "I'll Still Love You" in the MPC here.

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