The Guinness Cassanovas - Rebirth

This Lp is dumb rare! but strangely doesn't seem to command the huge prices you would expect. Similar to The Chosen Few The Guiness Cassanovas recorded west indian flavored funk and soul covers of songs like By The Time I Get To Phoenix and It's Your Thing.

Check the going rate of this Lp here and if your to lazy to get your fingers dusty search for a copy here.

Listen To - It's Your Thing

O.V Wright - A Nickle And A Nail And The Ace Of Spades

O.V wright made some amazing records,unfortunately his love for the white powder ment he died aged just 41 and was burried in an unmarked grave. Mobb deep fans will recognise "Nickle And A Nail" as it was sampled on Prodigys "Nickle And A Nail" from his excellent "Return Of The Mac" album

Check the going rate on this LP here, make friends with O.V on Myspace here and donate to his memorial fund here.

Listen To - A Nickel And A Nail