The Perfect Circle - The Perfect Circle

This 1977 George Semper produced gem arrived in my inbox yesterday so i though i should share the wealth. You can check the going rate here and i managed to track down a copy for sale which you can buy here. Oh and fans of the Platinum Pied Pipers may recognise this clip below from their track "Shotgun"

Listen To - Spread News

The Ambassadors - Soul Summit

On one of the rarer Gamble-Huff productions out there, The Ambassadors bless us with some truly exquisite soul cuts ,shame they only managed to release one album. Pete Rock fans will recognise "I Ain't Got The Love" from his classic joint with Cl Smooth I Got A Love.

Check the going rate here, search for an OG copy here and pick up the scarce 1998 CD reissue here

Listen To - I Ain't Got The Love

The Majestic Arrows - The Magic of the Majestic Arrows

Sampled by the likes of Madlib for his collaboration with Talib Kweli and my man Travis's Gym Class Heroes on their track New Friend Request, obviously the Majestic Arrows were doing something right. Check the going rate for this LP here make freinds with the Majestic Arrows on My-Space here and see if you can pick up a copy for yourself here.

Listne To - The Magic Of Your Love

Sarah Webster Fabio - Boss Soul

Poetry over slick funk and afro percussion backing tracks ? yes please !!! Read about Sarah Webster Fabio here, check the going rate of this LP here and roll on over to the excellent My Favorite Sound to check out more of Sarah's work here.

Listen To - Black Back "Sheeba's Puppies"