Niebiesko Czarni - Rock Opera 'Naked'

This 1972 double Lp by Polish rock outfit Niebiesko Czarni ticks all the boxes. its got it all ... Flutes, hammond ,fuzz guitar, weird vocals and more breaks than you can wave your MPC at. Buy a copy here Read about Niebiesko Czarni here but first you may need to learn Polish... you can do that here

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Jacques Thollot - Quand le son devient aigu, jeter la girafe a la mer

Yeah .. your right, that names a bit of mouthful. But my man Jacques Thollot killed it on the drums so all is forgiven. This experimental mix of Phasing percussion, electronics, piano, voices and organ is well worth seeking out. Check the going rate here bid on an OG here or buy a copy here here

Listen To - Cécile

Brainticket - Psychonaut

I'm so hungover it's unreal.. my head feels like ive just caught a right hook from Kostya Tszyu....... Anyway for those that didnt catch it on my old blog, here is Brainticket's 1972 album "Psychonaut" . Read about them here check the going rate here and Buy it here

Listen To - Watchin' You>

Rick Mason and Rare Feelings

Sorry folks..still super busy, will be back to normal service next week. In the meantime,heres a record that i have been searching out for a long long time. Get over to the up and comming Music From The Shed for this grade A slice of private press funk. This LP doesnt come cheap so be sure to show them your gratitude by leaving a comment. You can buy a copy here if they ever get it back in stock!

Listen To - Rare Feelings

The Next Morning S/t

Sorry for the wait guys i have been super busy prepping some stuff for a work trip to New York. Luckily man man Chris at the amazing Chris Goes Rock has saved me a few hours of Pro Tool tom-foolery and ripped this top notch slice of psych funk. Be sure to stop by and thank him! Check out the price of an OG here and if you have neither the time nor inclination to go digging look here with your credit card to hand!

Listen To - The Next Morning Life Is Love