Spanky Wilson - Specialty of The House

Yeah thats right Spanky Wilson's Super rare , super in demand 1975 LP! So once again i'm gonna let the music do the talking . Make friends with her on myspace here, check out her recent work with the excellent Quantic Soul Orchestra here, buy an OG copy of this LP here but if you didnt win the lottery you can buy her best of here.

Listen To - Easy Lover

Black Grass - Black Grass

Big thanks to my man Ben for hooking me up with this LP. Been looking for it for so long without even hearing it.. and now that have i simply must own it! check out some info on the record here ... buy it here and check out who has already fed it to their MPC here!

Listen To - Lock Stock And Barrel

Pool-Pah - The Flasher!

I copped this on monday for £5 ($10). some what of a steal apparently. its not the cleanest copy with a fair bit of surface noise.. you can check out a similarly poor copy here. According to this article its one of Becks all-time favorite album covers.

Listen To -Flight

Annette Peacock - I'm The One

Annette Peacock is a legend! read about her here.. check the going rate of an OG copy of this LP here and make friends with her on myspace here

This will be commercially available in the next few months. Please support Annette by buying the album !!!

Listen To - I'm The One

Popstars - musique suspense

Not to be confused with the show that spawned this garbage this french 45 has a killer B side. I picked it up on a digging trip to france a few years ago for its shaft style hat break, but kept it for its cop show grooves.

Listen to - musique suspense

Lutz Rahn - Solo Trip

Damn...... my SP 1200 seems to have died this morning. Thats put paid to any of the beats i had planned to finish up this week. Well it seems my misfortune is your good fortune as im gonna fill my time by posting some cool records! This Lutz Rahne Lp is a pretty cool. The sort of thing Havoc or the alchemist would flip into some melancholy classic in minutes . theres a Jap issue Here on E bay. failing that.. get those fingers dusty!..... big thanks to Basso over at the incredible Growing bin for this one!

Listen To - Galaxy Taxi

Royal Flush - Hot Spot

"in the galaxy theres earth ,and on earth theres one volcano about to erupt.. and its called Hot Spot!" I just had to post this the minute i heard it. pick up an OG copy Here

Listen To - Hot spot Part 2

Dyson's Faces - Dyson's Faces

I love this 1975 slice of soul courtesy of Clifton Dyson's soul group. Im gonna let the music talking! search an original pressing here or buy the reissue here.

Listen To - Dont Worry About The Jones's

Mulatu Astatke - Mulatu of Ethiopia

I was randomly watching some video about some break heads where they mentioned this LP saying they discovered it. Im like . nah i threw that shit in the sampler years ago. in all honesty my copy is pretty beat up and he surface noise put paid to any workable beat, luckily Mongoliod (come back man) had a cleaner version.Mulatu Astatke does some pretty amazing work on this album and it's unique "Roy Ayers meets Sun Ra with a hot dose of African funk" sound means it often fetches top dollar. you can grab the re-issue at Dusty Groove.

Listen To - Mulatu

Black Girl Ost

Ive been struggling to find LPs that havnt already been posted elsewhere over the past week or so, there are so many blogs with so many albums out there...anyway heres a pretty interesting blaxploitation soundtrack by Ed Bogas & Ray Shanklin. The film was about a woman kindly fostering some kid..... blah blah blah.Its a solid LP with a few sampler friendly moments well worth adding to your blaxploitation collection. But at the right price of course!

Listen to - bj's step