Rogier van Otterloo - On the move (1976)

I have to thank the excellent Baby Grandpa for this Rogier van Otterloo LP.after hearing it i had to track down a copy for my sampler. Plenty of nice keys and crisp bass with touches of big band grandeur ... it kinda reminded me of the work of Bob James. Find the OG wax on E Bay or if your a purist like me get digging in those crates

listen to - Alone At Last


Anonymous said...

FreeCT said...

mmm that sounds beautiful! nice find

brooding bird said...

Wow, Deep crates deluxe!

A friend and i recently started a blogspot:

It's mostly jazz right now, but maybe there's an album there you haven't heard in a while.

Thank you for the Music...


Brotha Bud said...

Wow! This is some great music. Music that makes you wonder where was that dudes mind when he made this. When music makes you think like that, then you know its great music.

Anonymous said...

And for all Rogier fans who want more...check this one out:

Anonymous said...


I see that I forgot to post a comment.

Not all of this is for me. But the bits that are really are.

More generally, with your older posts I see that I missed some great looking stuff.