I'm not going anywhere

Seasonal greetings everybody. I can assure you rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I have been knee deep in records since buying a serious collection in mid november, so between that and the beats i havn't had time to post. I'll rip something for the first week of january, until then have a great Christmas and a Happy new year.

Conrad Benjamin - Saturn

I thought i should celebrate 100,000 unique visitors with something out of my "Stupid rare" pile. This Privately pressed LP by Canadian Conrad Benjamin is true rarity and is highly saught after by dj's and collectors alike. its so rare infact that one guy paid over $500 for a heavily warped copy. crazy. With classy production and some beautiful instrumentation it remains one of my favorite pieces of Modern soul.

check the going rate here, pick up a copy here and check out my second favorite canadian export here

Listen To - I Didn't Love You


Morice Benin - Apoclypse ...

After a few emails complaining about my lack of library and prog posts i thought i would switch it up a little. So here we have one of my favorite LP's by frenchman Morice Benin.Im pretty sure this albums is unknown outside of france, which is a shame as it has some great moments . Most notably the title track which wouldn't surprise me if turned up on the next Dusty Fingers compilation

Make friends with Morice here, Hunt (in vain) for this LP here and as its in french, check out a great translation service here

Listen To - Apocalypse


The Inner Thoughts of the H. Andrews Congregation

Sorry for the wait for this one everybody. But its probably worth it as this is one of the best Lp's ive heard all year. The H. Andrews Congregation bless us with some amazing wah wah guitar work,beautiful harmonies and killer threads on their 1974 release. A BIG thanks to Paros for donating this rip of his own copy.

Check the going rate of this lp here see if you can pick it up here and find out how to start your own congregation here

Listen to - One More Chance


The Guinness Cassanovas - Rebirth

This Lp is dumb rare! but strangely doesn't seem to command the huge prices you would expect. Similar to The Chosen Few The Guiness Cassanovas recorded west indian flavored funk and soul covers of songs like By The Time I Get To Phoenix and It's Your Thing.

Check the going rate of this Lp here and if your to lazy to get your fingers dusty search for a copy here.

Listen To - It's Your Thing


O.V Wright - A Nickle And A Nail And The Ace Of Spades

O.V wright made some amazing records,unfortunately his love for the white powder ment he died aged just 41 and was burried in an unmarked grave. Mobb deep fans will recognise "Nickle And A Nail" as it was sampled on Prodigys "Nickle And A Nail" from his excellent "Return Of The Mac" album

Check the going rate on this LP here, make friends with O.V on Myspace here and donate to his memorial fund here.

Listen To - A Nickel And A Nail


Madcliff - Madcliff

Sorry about keeping you waiting for a new post, but i have been knee deep in a project the past two weeks. This may make up for it though....

Ive been looking for a copy of this record for about 10 years, but it changes hand for stupid money ,or at least stupid money for what i would call a one-tracker. Its definatly a slice of modern soul worth checking out, even if its just for the track "it takes a little time".

Listen To - It Takes A Little Time


The Perfect Circle - The Perfect Circle

This 1977 George Semper produced gem arrived in my inbox yesterday so i though i should share the wealth. You can check the going rate here and i managed to track down a copy for sale which you can buy here. Oh and fans of the Platinum Pied Pipers may recognise this clip below from their track "Shotgun"

Listen To - Spread News


The Ambassadors - Soul Summit

On one of the rarer Gamble-Huff productions out there, The Ambassadors bless us with some truly exquisite soul cuts ,shame they only managed to release one album. Pete Rock fans will recognise "I Ain't Got The Love" from his classic joint with Cl Smooth I Got A Love.

Check the going rate here, search for an OG copy here and pick up the scarce 1998 CD reissue here

Listen To - I Ain't Got The Love


The Majestic Arrows - The Magic of the Majestic Arrows

Sampled by the likes of Madlib for his collaboration with Talib Kweli and my man Travis's Gym Class Heroes on their track New Friend Request, obviously the Majestic Arrows were doing something right. Check the going rate for this LP here make freinds with the Majestic Arrows on My-Space here and see if you can pick up a copy for yourself here.

Listne To - The Magic Of Your Love


Sarah Webster Fabio - Boss Soul

Poetry over slick funk and afro percussion backing tracks ? yes please !!! Read about Sarah Webster Fabio here, check the going rate of this LP here and roll on over to the excellent My Favorite Sound to check out more of Sarah's work here.

Listen To - Black Back "Sheeba's Puppies"


The Purist - No Fat Chicks

You like dope soul music? of course you do, thats why your here. So download the pod-cast of a limited 250 press, Japan only CD mix i have done. featuring the likes of Barbara Acklin, Vicky Anderson, Mary Love and Ruby Andrews.

Listen To / Download - No Fat Chicks

Moods - S/T

Let me start by saying i dont actually own this LP. But if i ever see it in the willd i will break the bank to get it. St louis soul outfit "Moods" do some great work on this 1978 self pressed album, the production is quality throughout !. Check the going rate here and search out a copy here

Listen To - Grooving When We Meet


Chain Reaction - Indebted To You

New York group Chain Reaction's rare 1977 LP which was never actually released in the U.S.A!! Check the going rate here get digging for a copy here.

Listen To - Miss Lovely Miss Beautiful


Spice - Let There be Spice

This record is stupid rare... so rare infact people wil pay as much as this or this for it! ...........some people are crazy

Listen To - Do It Nice


Joel Fajerman - La Adventura De Las Plantas

Joël Fajerman 1979 soundtrack to the tv series "The Adventure of Plants". Its a perfect example of the phrase... don't judge a record by it's cover!

listen to - Incarnation


Walt Rockman - Underwater Vol 1

A beautiful piece of library from the fantastic Sonoton catalog. Walt Rockman Blesses us with some moody abstract electronic vibes. I dont actually own this Lp as it rarely turns up at a reasonable price ,but i will keep hunting as it has some very sample-able moments .Theres also an equally excellent Vol 2 out there so get digging!

Listen To - Dangerous Deep Sea


Moody - The Gentle Rain

Hawkshaw on piano... Bennett on drums.... Ingham on moog and flute duty... Enough said! Check the going rate Here make friends with library legend Alan Hawkshw here and buy a copy HERE !!!

Listen To - While My Guitar Gently Weeps


Space - Deliverance

Another Post from my old blog incase you didn't catch it first time round. See what happened when Jake One chopped the title track Here Read about the band here and buy an Og copy of this LP here

Listen Too - deliverance


New post on the way

Until then make sure to check the 50+ posts that are here already.

The Village Soul Choir - The Cat Walk

I bought this 45 a few years back for $50 which is possibly the most i have ever spent on a record in my life. The minute i heard the A side "The Cat walk" i knew i could flip it into a hip hop banger in minutes. so after rushing home and spending the afternoon on the MPC i discoverd that i had been beaten to the punch by Soul Postition and their track keep it hot for daddy. Oh well it's a great track anyway.. especially if you play it at +6.

Get digging for a copy here and have a quick laugh at how hideously overcharged i was! Big thanks to Dr Okeh for reminding me i had it.

Listen Too - The Cat Walk


Betty Everett - There'll Come a Time

This nice solid soul Lp from Betty Everett arrived in my inbox over the weekend. It's not one that i would describe as RAER , just not that well known..... but you know what , i like it! Read about Betty here ,check out the going rate on her releases here and buy an OG copy here

Listen To - You're Falling In Love.


Niebiesko Czarni - Rock Opera 'Naked'

This 1972 double Lp by Polish rock outfit Niebiesko Czarni ticks all the boxes. its got it all ... Flutes, hammond ,fuzz guitar, weird vocals and more breaks than you can wave your MPC at. Buy a copy here Read about Niebiesko Czarni here but first you may need to learn Polish... you can do that here

Listen Too - Narodzil sie nam nowy bog


Jacques Thollot - Quand le son devient aigu, jeter la girafe a la mer

Yeah .. your right, that names a bit of mouthful. But my man Jacques Thollot killed it on the drums so all is forgiven. This experimental mix of Phasing percussion, electronics, piano, voices and organ is well worth seeking out. Check the going rate here bid on an OG here or buy a copy here here

Listen To - Cécile


Brainticket - Psychonaut

I'm so hungover it's unreal.. my head feels like ive just caught a right hook from Kostya Tszyu....... Anyway for those that didnt catch it on my old blog, here is Brainticket's 1972 album "Psychonaut" . Read about them here check the going rate here and Buy it here

Listen To - Watchin' You


Rick Mason and Rare Feelings

Sorry folks..still super busy, will be back to normal service next week. In the meantime,heres a record that i have been searching out for a long long time. Get over to the up and comming Music From The Shed for this grade A slice of private press funk. This LP doesnt come cheap so be sure to show them your gratitude by leaving a comment. You can buy a copy here if they ever get it back in stock!

Listen To - Rare Feelings


The Next Morning S/t

Sorry for the wait guys i have been super busy prepping some stuff for a work trip to New York. Luckily man man Chris at the amazing Chris Goes Rock has saved me a few hours of Pro Tool tom-foolery and ripped this top notch slice of psych funk. Be sure to stop by and thank him! Check out the price of an OG here and if you have neither the time nor inclination to go digging look here with your credit card to hand!

Listen To - The Next Morning Life Is Love


Spanky Wilson - Specialty of The House

Yeah thats right Spanky Wilson's Super rare , super in demand 1975 LP! So once again i'm gonna let the music do the talking . Make friends with her on myspace here, check out her recent work with the excellent Quantic Soul Orchestra here, buy an OG copy of this LP here but if you didnt win the lottery you can buy her best of here.

Listen To - Easy Lover


Black Grass - Black Grass

Big thanks to my man Ben for hooking me up with this LP. Been looking for it for so long without even hearing it.. and now that have i simply must own it! check out some info on the record here ... buy it here and check out who has already fed it to their MPC here!

Listen To - Lock Stock And Barrel


Pool-Pah - The Flasher!

I copped this on monday for £5 ($10). some what of a steal apparently. its not the cleanest copy with a fair bit of surface noise.. you can check out a similarly poor copy here. According to this article its one of Becks all-time favorite album covers.

Listen To -Flight


Annette Peacock - I'm The One

Annette Peacock is a legend! read about her here.. check the going rate of an OG copy of this LP here and make friends with her on myspace here

This will be commercially available in the next few months. Please support Annette by buying the album !!!

Listen To - I'm The One


Popstars - musique suspense

Not to be confused with the show that spawned this garbage this french 45 has a killer B side. I picked it up on a digging trip to france a few years ago for its shaft style hat break, but kept it for its cop show grooves.

Listen to - musique suspense


Lutz Rahn - Solo Trip

Damn...... my SP 1200 seems to have died this morning. Thats put paid to any of the beats i had planned to finish up this week. Well it seems my misfortune is your good fortune as im gonna fill my time by posting some cool records! This Lutz Rahne Lp is a pretty cool. The sort of thing Havoc or the alchemist would flip into some melancholy classic in minutes . theres a Jap issue Here on E bay. failing that.. get those fingers dusty!..... big thanks to Basso over at the incredible Growing bin for this one!

Listen To - Galaxy Taxi