Themes - Synthesizer and Percussion

A nice slice if bubbling electro library here by 2 of the biggest names in the buisness, Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett! pleanty of ARP action on this bad boy. keep your eyes peeled as it sometimes turns up on E-bay or if your a purist then get digging!

Listen To - Pacesetter

Wlodek Gulgowski - Sound Check

Polish Jazz legend Wlodek Gulgowski mans the Mini Moog on this 1976 Lp.With some help from Steve Gadd (drums) and Anthony Jackson (bass) he ... well basically he kills it! This ones very hard to come by, but well worth seeking out!

Listen To - Truth Seeker

April Orchestra - Vol 13

Theres nothing unlucky about number 13 in RCA's April orchestra library series. Puccio Roelens kills it with some lush disco grooves. If Armand Van Helden ever got hold of its opening track "Northern Lights" he'd probaly flip it into an instant classic. Keep your eyes peeled for it .. you wont be disapointed!

Listen to - Northern Lights

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until then enjoy the Superlatives.......

Conroy Library - Modern Mixture

Heres a quality piece of library From the Conroy catalog. Composed by S. Sklair and G. Galbraith this 1976 LP is one of my favorites and features some moody electonic moments ( the tracks called "spellbinder" are classic.) Very hard to get hold of , i even saw it selling on Recordkingz for $250. By the way this isnt quite the correct artwork.Sorry. check out Monone's blog or his online store for loads of cool library and soundtrack goodies!

Listen to - Spell Binder (A)

Tomorrows People - "Open Soul"

Big thanks to El Reza and Dr OK for a super super rare slice of Chicago soul. Realeased on the Stage Productions label in 1976. It's title track "Open Soul" is a twenty minuite ride not to be missed. Though you will be lucky to pick it up for less than the going rate.....I hate record dealers!!!!!

Listen to - Lovers And Friends


One of Floridas better rock outfits... Fantasy's 1979 self titled album with lead vocals by a 16 year old Lydia Jameme Miller. has a few sampleable moments and ia a great piece of listening. you can treat yourself to a copy here at Recordkingz though it wont be cheap.

Ram John Holder - Black London Blues

This 1969 release walks that tightrope between genius and cheese that so many of my favorite acts tread. It's clearly recorded on a buget, and some of the session players werent the greatest . But with songs like "Brixton Blues" (an ode to english alcoholism) i dont think you can fail to like it.Some of my fellow english readers may recognise him as he played Porkpie in the Channel 4 show Desmonds. ive seen this sell for $300 on ebay, so its well worth a listen.

Listen To - The Brixton Blues

Mort Garson - Zodiac

This record is well worth hunting down, its packed with electronic wierdness from multitalented musician Mort Garson. It comprises of 12 tracks each named after a starsign and laced with haunting/cheesy spoken word. Mort's other electronic albums : Electronic Hair Pieces and Lucifer's Black Mass are some of my personal favorites. It definatly has some sampling potential for the odd moody pysch loop. If they reprint the re-release you can buy it here But i wouldnt hold my breath if i was you!

Listen to - Gemini

Patchwork Library - vol 20

One of many great releases on the Patchwork Library, show casing some of Vladimir Cosma best work. Reminiscent of Alain Goraguer's Le Planete Sauvage ost. Ive seen it on ebay a few times going for $150 plus.. but i managed to pick it up at The Thing in Brooklyn for $5 this summer.

Listen To - Dans Les Brumes De Londres.mp3

Lou Bond

Lou Bond's rare 1974 self titled album on the Stax owned We Produce label. This is up there as one of my all times favorite soul albums. Sparse instrumentation yet in parts massively over-produced. Backing by the Memphis Syphony Orchestra giving it an almost Issac Hayes sound at times, its very cinematic.It's best track "Too The Establishment" has been sampled by Alchemist for Prodigy's "Trails of love" and Brother Ali's for his track "Picket Fence" An album you simply must own so get digging...

Listen to - Why Must Eyes Always Be Turned Backward

Bernard Lubat

Roll on over to the excellent Mutant Sounds for a slice of Bernard Lubat's best work for the Telemusic label. Infact if you click Here you can raid them for a load of electronic library posts . Be sure to show them you apprication by leaving a comment.

Vladimir Cosma - Ultra Pop.Op

Vladamir Cosma didnt mess about. hes responsible for some top soundrack and library LPs. And Ultra Pop.OP on the excellent MPI label is well worth a listen. A couple of the tracks feature on Le Jazzbeat Vol.1 compilation which you can buy here failing that get digging.

Listen to - Black Flowers

Bruton Library - BRJ11 Deadly Nightshade

Heres one of the better LPs from the highly overated English Bruton Library. Deadly Nighshade from 1979. I own quite a large slice of the catalog and definatly prefer the likes of Giordano's MUSAX , Modern Rythms or Rotary Library series. These often turn up on E Bay though and if you can pick them up cheap.........

Listen to - Preminition

The Chosen Few - In Miami

I always try to put quality over quanity with my posts, especially trying to provide stuff you cant get elsewhere.This on the other hand isnt that rare, apparently they were quite succesfull in the the mid 70's with their reggae-pop soul covers.Ive only see the record once here in england. Great production values, and superb instrumentation and harmonies . so you wont be sorry for checking it out. Their cover of The Dramatics classic "in the rain" is top draw.

Listen to - In The Rain

Fool On The Hill - Beatles Songbook Vol. 1

Fool On The Hill beatles songbook vol. 1. As sampled by Edan and others. pack with some wonderfull psych Beatles Covers.

Listen To - Strawberry Fields

Bernard Fevre - Suspense

Well heres the my first post and its a wonderfuly rare libray outing by the electroinic genius that is Bernard Fevre. I finally managed to pick up a copy last week and it was for significatly less than the going rate. also worth looking out for is the strange world of Bernard Fevre on the modern rhythms librart imprint

Listen to - Mr Green